We SAFETECHNO SERVICES deal in LPG Storage Plant Design Engineering, LPG Storage Plants Turnkey Project Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter and Designer. We are specialized in our vast range of activities like Installation, Testing And Commissioning Services, Consultants, Project Management including Legal Documentation And Licensing Work, Consultancy Service Provider, CCoE (PESO) Preliminary Approval, Plant Estimation, Project Planning, Supervision, Tender Document Preparation etc. from India.

Why LPG Plant Design Engineering is necessary?

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) – LPG is combination of Propane and Butane in various percentage ratios. LPG is extracted during refining of crude oil. It is highly pressurized gas stored in Liquid form.
LPG is highly flammable; there are many possibilities of hazards: like fire, explosion, vapour cloud explosion, BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion), explosion during transportation, which may results in minor or major or fatality, due to this there is loss of manpower, money and reliability will also occur.
Due to this, Health and Safety is very important before LPG plant construction and also after implementation. Therefore LPG Plant Design Engineering is very necessary to get it done in an engineering professional way.

What is Design?

It results from human decisions. Designer can design with intention, in which he has a chance of doing it well in a qualified manner or let it happen in unqualified manner. Design happens whether you are well aware about the process or not paying attention. Design is the process we undertake to solve the problem. The value of good design is the increased possibility of success. We understand its importance in LPG Plant Design Engineering.

• When LPG Plant Design Engineering is required?

When it comes to Design and Construction of LPG Plant Projects, the conventional design process is relatively straightforward- the client hires the firm, share expectations and requirements for the project, the firm develops and refines the design, and the design is constructed. Client expectations are confined to satisfaction with the final constructed state as it relates to functionality and aesthetics.
The scenario change when the plant is already commissioned and operational and cannot be shut down for the sake of the project. But the aim of the project remains the same as in conventional construction project.


» Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Studies: (Engineering Consultancy)

Safetechno Services has capability to undertake various LPG storage plant consultancy / Propane storage plant consultancy, LPG storage plant design engineeringproject for the customer, utilising a Design and Engineering team and Construction Management team according to project requirement.

We can provide services which cover the totality of the project from basic design engineering through to completion or any specific stage of the project. Our services are customised as per clients requirement and those demanded by project.

Our Engineering Consultancy Services Includes:

✓ Basis of Design / Design Philosophy of LPG Storage Plant.
✓ Documents / Drawing Preparation & Management.
✓ Technical Specification / Data Sheets preparation.
✓ Costing / Estimation.
✓ Tender Documentation.
✓ Feasibility Study.
✓ As built data capture.
✓ HAZOP / Hazard Study.
✓ Risk Assessment.
✓ Other Statutory Compliance.
✓ Design for Installation, Commissioning and Operation.
✓ Work / Operational Procedure.
✓ Manage Interfaces and integration of all design activities.
✓ Manage the Design Verification (3rd Party Verification).
✓ Project Planning and Management.
✓ Vessel / Tank Design and Specification of LPG Storage tank.
✓ Equipment, Valve and Piping Specification.
✓ 3D Plant Design.
✓ Project Budgetary Planning.
✓ Logistics Coordination for LPG Storage Plant.

» Design Engineering:

Our experienced team of designers and engineers are professional in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical& Instrumentation disciplines.
Our team are expertise in following:

Civil and Structural Engineering:
✓ Site Survey (Topographical)
✓ Civil Design & Engineering
✓ Heavy Foundation Design
✓ Structural Steel Design as per standard
✓ Geotechnical investigation and interpretation

✓ Basis of Design
✓ P&ID
✓ Piping Isometric
✓ Mechanical Equipment Specification
✓ Piping design & engineering
✓ Stress Analysis
✓ Layout
✓ 3D Design
✓ Site Survey, Studies & Estimate
✓ Project Planning / Scheduling

Electrical and Instrumentation:
✓ Single line Diagram
✓ Control Panel design & engineering
✓ Design of Electrical power distribution
✓ Plant Automation & Instrumentation
✓ Radio-frequency identification (RFID)automation
✓ Motor Control Center (MCC) control system
✓ Hazardous area classification
✓ Lightening & Earthing Protection
✓ Transformer, Power Backup & UPS calculation
✓ Electrical & Instrumentation Specification
✓ Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Software development
✓ Human Machine Interface(HMI) / Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition(SCADA) system.

» Project Management:

What is Project Management?

LPG storage plant project management is the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives. We provide services which offers flexibility and scope of services as per client requirement. Project management would extent the complete project, from design stage to complete installation, commissioning and handover of the project.

Our Project Management services include:
✓ Planning and Scheduling
✓ Project Reporting
✓ Project Cost Control
✓ Construction management and Site supervision
✓ Tender Preparation
✓ Procurement Guidance

Project team is co-ordinated by Project Manager with complete responsibility to ensure the project meets all the client requirements and expectation of schedule, safety, performance and cost. Project manager will act as a single point contact during the project execution.
Project Management Processes fall into five (5) groups:
1. Initiating
2. Planning
3. Executing
4. Monitoring and Controlling
5. Closing

Project management knowledge draws on ten (10) areas:
1. Integration
2. Scope
3. Time
4. Cost
5. Quality
6. Procurement
7. Human resources
8. Communications
9. Risk management
10. Stakeholder management

» Health and Safety Management:

Safety and Health programs is to prevent illnesses, injuries, death and financial losses, these events cause for workers their families and employers.

An effective health and safety management system must have the following eight (8) components in place:

1. Identification and analysis of health and safety hazards at the work site
2. Control measures to eliminate or reduce the risks to workers from hazards
3. Clearly demonstrated and management commitment, and written company policy
4. Worker competency and training
5. Inspection program
6. Emergency response planning
7. Incident reporting and investigation
8. Management system administration

Health and Safety Management System documentation includes:

✓ Health and Safety document structure
✓ Organisational Structure
✓ Roles and Responsibilities
✓ EPC & Contractor Responsibilities
✓ Risk Assessment and Management
✓ Health and Safety Hazards
✓ Health and Safety competency & training
✓ Communication & Documentation
✓ PPE Requirement
✓ HSE Policy & Procedures
✓ Construction Machinery, tools and equipment
✓ Rules for Safety
✓ Commissioning Safety
✓ Crisis and Emergency Management
✓ Incident management reporting and analysis


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